Getting Started

OK. You are probably wondering what you need to get started on couponing. Well, I am here to tell you.There are some essential supplies you will need if you want to be a successful couponer. You will need the following:

  • Computer or access to one
  • 3 ring Binder (about a 2-3 inch one)
  • scissors
  • page protectors
  • hockey card page protectors
  • Photo page protectors
  • Page dividers
  • Note pad
  • Pens
  • Post-it Notes are handy as well.
  • Printer.
I have posted the same information shown here, on my website in hopes it benifits some of you who may not have visited that page before.

I will now tell you how to go about utilizing these items to help you with the organization portion of couponing!

Since I started couponing I have gone through three binders, and I have finally found the right one. Wal-Mart carries  binders that have a  zipper cover on them, (which is nice for holding all those coupons in) and organizing tools inside, such as a filing location, pencil case, and a built in dry erase area for making notes. I recommend getting one similar .

Post-it note pads! These are handy for when you have some items you want to bookmark, or if you find a good deal in a   flyer or store, make note of it, stick it to the inside of your binder, and figure out what coupons you have for that item. Post-it notes are handy for several things.

Scissors! ESSENTIAL! You need to be able to cut out printable coupons or some coupons that come in the mail, as some of them are not separated, and there is nothing worse that trying to tear out a good coupon and ripping it or the one next to it!

Page dividers are awesome for organizing coupons. These help layout your binder. I have a master index in the front of my book pointing to each tab, and it allows me to write descriptions about what is in that tab. IE. Dairy, cleaners, oral care, RX etc.  Page dividers allow your to find what you are looking for quickly and easily.

Clear page protectors are also very important . I use clear business card ones, and so far the local dollar store is the cheapest place as well as Wal-Mart.  Photo protectors are great for bigger coupons, but make sure they will fit in your binder. I just got some that are too long, but they DO fit in my new zipper binder. And finally, regular page protectors, that fit a whole piece of paper. These are great for larger coupons. You can get these ones from  dollar stores or Wal-Mart as well. You will probably pay more if you go to an actually office store.

You will need a smaller notepad. Take notes. When I make out my shopping list, I make a list of what I want, where I am getting it,  where I am   price matching it from if that may be the case, and what the price match is.
Making a list like this is a great way to cut your time down when shopping as well as getting most your items in one location. Just remember to take your flyers you are price matching with you!!! 

Computer. Now that is kind of a key item here. You need a computer for ordering many coupons from in order to make your couponing effective. If you don't have one yet, you can go to the local library as often as you need and I am sure you can order them online there. Perhaps you have a friend who would allow you to use their computer as well.

A printer, preferably color. When you do find a  printable coupon that you like, if it is a good one, I recommend printing a couple copies if it will let you. Some of them only let you print 1-2 times.   Or perhaps a friend would like one, you can print a copy for them too!

Paper clips are G-R-E-A-T! Not only are they good for holding your full page plastic page protectors shut so coupons don't slide out, but they are great for when you are shopping. You can clip your stacks of coupons together so that each item has it's own bundle. This makes it easier to figure out your coupons at the check out.

There are many different options for how you set up your binder and supplies. It is all about what works for you. Have fun with it. Once you are organized you will have a blast doing it. I do. I am shocked every time I get a great deal. I think to myself "Why have I not been doing this all along?"