Saturday, January 28, 2012

Armstrong Cheese at Shopper's Drug Mart

This would have cost $162.69 but after the sale and coupons I paid $57.46. Shoppers Drug Mart had this cheese on for $2.99 minus my coupon it was $2.24 each. You need 2.2 of these blocks to make a big 750g block that we usually find on sale between $12.99-$7.99! The cost for 2.2 of these blocks is only $4.92 which is an amazing deal!!! I paid $51.52 for the cheese in the picture.... If I would have bought this at SaveOn foods today with the sale price of $15.99 for a 1.35kg block I would have needed 5.79 of those big blocks to get this much cheese and it would have cost me $92.62 on SALE!!! I think I got the better deal since my price for a 1.35kg block adds up to .... $8.89 but it gets better yet! I also got a $10.09 gift card at shoppers for spending $50.00 or more which in actually drives the cost of my cheese down from $2.24 for each of these, to $1.81 making my price for a big block at SaveOn work out to $7.18!!! You can hardly ever find a 750g block for that price!!!! Can you say "cheese please"!!!!! The Lipton Cup of Soup was on from $2.49 to .99 cents and I had a B3G1 FREE coupon. these items are on sale until Feb. 3.

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