Thursday, January 26, 2012

My unprepared shopping trip!

Ok! After a long day at work today I decided to go and shop since it makes me feel better at times to spend, or pretend I am spending a LOT of money. However, the feeling I get when I spend very LITTLE for a LOT of stuff is much better than breaking the bank. I am sure most of you will agree. So, I got some good bargains. I would have spent $180.00! Thanks to coupons and price matching, I only spent $63.00 before taxes on these products in the picture. I Price matched the Tylenol with WalMart at my local Zellers for $5.97 and used a $3.00 printable coupon. Making the Tylenol $2.97 each. Good deal. Also, the Royal was a price match, paid $2.47 for those. Eggs were FREE Activia Drinkable....FREE....Shredded cheese.....FREE.....Lean Cuisine.....FREE with a Facebook printable. Good deals. I hope you all get in on them.

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