Thursday, January 12, 2012

Zellers Canada

I learned something interesting while shopping at my local Zellers today. Since Target has taken over, they are closing out in June I believe, (I might be wrong about this date)  and they are starting with their liquidation in May. The staff person I spoke with said they will not be posting the sales in the flyer's, they will be in store only. I would suggest finding out when your Zellers store will be closing out and plan to shop there frequently for clearance deals and bargain finds. You never know what you might find there if they are closing out! Could be in for some amazing sales! If you find out when yours will be, feel free to post the info on my comments form.

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  1. Hey there...just an fyi...If you go to: you can find out all the stores that are closing and when. First day on your page..looks interesting...